In Giving We Receive

Robert relocated to Jamestown for love.  Hard times turned his life upside down.  With the last four months living at UCAN City Mission and “couch surfing,” Robert was ready for something better.

He began riding to church with an area Pastor and his wife.  When he entered the church, he knew something was different.

Robert continued to attend church and reached out to Love INC when he found his own place.  He was helped to establish his new home with a bed, dresser, bedding, recliner, pots and pans, dishes and more.  He began working with a local business and was in a really good place in his life.  His desire was for others to “have someone else to go home to and know they are loved.”

Two months later Robert died suddenly from a medical condition.  Because others were serving God and witnessing to Robert, he had someone to go home to and knew he was loved.